Duckling to White Swan, a Family Farmhouse

Posted on Jun 16, 2022 in Design

Expansion and renovation by Bailey and Harris “Duckling to White Swan”

A farm style home in the country means windows overlooking life.

This home holds light. Every room has windows from many angles. Throughout the day, light moves and bends through the many windows.

There is a constant shift from bright airy spaces to cavy spaces.

a variety in ceiling height.

A sense of playfulness through the home:

interior windows that let you see from one side of the house to the next, secret places, child caves, a boot bench, dog wash station

This home is made from durable materials

solid doors with glass

windows are simple. double hung windows – two over two

lots of built ins and cabinetry for a cozy feel

energy of wood – not everything is painted

common areas at the heart of the home

gracious porches at every door opening

An elegant stair, fairly grand as one appears as they descend


language can make poetry or prose. spaces can be poetic


Classic farm house kitchen with a big island to work on. Quarter sawn maple floors

A ribbon of windows above the kitchen sink

Light filled pantry with a sliding door

Bake center

Playful views from the kitchen to the office/library. Interior windows let you see from one side of the house to the next.

Light pooled dining area

Cozy bar passage

An old (in tact) lotto machine kept in the family!

It feels good to move from airy space to space through tight, cavy spaces.

Wood beed board barrel vault bar passage with a bower (pleasant shady space) ceiling.

A place for books. This bookcase serves as a really thick wall.

This space acts a library, office, in between, art studio, classroom. Whatever it needs to be.

A secret place under the stairs. A Harry Potter pantry. A cozy getaway for the kids

Playful views from the office/library to the kitchen. Interior windows let you see from one side of the house to the next.

Sightlines from the living room to the kitchen

Spacious living and family room

Lovely blue doors match the front door too

Windows overlooking life in this screened porch. If you like this, take a look at another B&H sun room, “Big Sky Buffalo Spree” post.

Another passage from one airy space to the next. This passage connects the upstairs landing to the master bedroom.

Simple faucet feels modern yet classic

Spacious master bath

Wood doors and vanity warm the classic black and white tile floored space.

Screened porch addition view from outside. Nestled near an old pine tree.

cascades of roofs

Copper roofing complements the bronze windows

Dormer windows and a cupola on the front of the home

Lovely sea blue doors throughout the home

Cavy downstairs bath


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