The Head to Toe Makeover house desperately needed its layout to be updated to 21st century living standards as well as some cosmetic improvements.  Before this update was completed, previous remodeling work was considered to be “remuddling”, as the craftsmanship was poor, and the condition of the house was suffering.  As with most floor plans for old-fashioned houses, the dining room was very spacious, which resulted in a cramped kitchen, mudroom, and bathroom.

To solve this problem, the kitchen was moved to where the dining room had been, and new molding, casing, and hardwood floors were installed.  The front entrance was remodeled to be more spacious and inviting and the front door of the house was given a proper canopy with brackets, and a hip roof hood.  The rear of the house was also improved aesthetically with a larger deck, and and a more pleasing entrance.



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